How to Initiate Sex with a Girl – The Ultimate Guide

how to initiate sex

How to initiate sex with a virgin may seem like a foreign concept to you. To make things worse, many men find it very difficult to go through with it. As a result, they end up avoiding talking about it altogether. This is a terrible idea if you are hoping to build a lasting relationship. Fortunately, you do not need to worry about any of these problems because there are ways that you can start a conversation with her and learn how to initiate sex.

The best way to begin learning how to initiate sex with a girl is by asking her. Many men assume that this means that they should approach the girl and try to ask her to go to a dance or a movie with them. However, this is the worst way to do it. By approaching her first, she will feel slightly threatened. When this happens, you can be sure that you won’t get another chance with her for a long time.

It is best to approach a woman in some sort of a neutral situation. This is probably the best way on how to initiate sex with a virgin as well. If you approach her in a club, she may sense that you are just after her body. You have to be patient and take your time. If you are too pushy, she will probably run away from you.

The next step on how to initiate sex with a girl is to make sure that she is comfortable with you before you ever begin to have sex. She should be able to tell that you are just another male trying to get closer to her. If you can successfully get her to feel at ease, then you will have already gone a long way towards learning how to initiate sex with a girl. You want to be able to strike a conversation without necessarily forcing things to happen.

If you are still new to the whole dating scene, then you should definitely keep yourself in shape. This is the best way on how to initiate sex with a girl. A lot of people think that being skinny is something that attracts women. But, in reality, girls do not find overweight men appealing at all.

Now that you know how to initiate sex with a girl, you can start doing your best to improve your skills. Always remember that you are the one who is in control here. If you do not feel that you know how to initiate sex with a girl, then you should not even think about it. You should also keep in mind that there is no such thing as a dumb question. If you ask her a question that does not even make sense, then you shouldn’t even bother with it.

List of BDSM equipment


The Best BDSM Dating Sites


BDSM dating may not be the first thing that occurs in your head while looking for a dating partner, but we are here to inform you that it is available anyway. BDSM dating sites are dedicated to providing a submission and domination exclusive platform for users. These platforms are exclusively meant for people who have a hard time sharing their fetishes with people on normal dating sites. Since the BDSM sites are entirely dedicated to the fetish, the users can feel free to interact with others openly about their choices and interests.

The BDSM enthusiasts often face embarrassment on the public dating sites due to not finding people who are okay with their way of enjoying sex. BDSM sites are a boon for such users that provides a filtered list of people who make their accounts on these dating sites especially to look for a partner with whom they can enjoy their fetishes that include bondage, blindfolds, handcuffs, discipline, sadism, masochism, and more. These platforms are meant for singles who are looking for more excitement in their hookups while not worrying about a long term commitment to partners.

How Safe are BDSM websites?

The purpose of dating apps is to connect singles on a single platform where they can find someone with similar interests, hobbies, or personalities. BDSM dating apps are entirely dedicated to a single interest that many share secretly due to the fear of embarrassment. It is important to be careful while disclosing any information on any dating site as it can be used to scam you or hack your profiles. Another thing that no dating app guarantees are the authenticity of the person behind the profile. In order to stay safe while using BDSM dating sites, you need to take self-aware preventative measures for your safety at all times.

Never speed up your dating process before learning everything about your date. Make sure that you are talking to a genuine person who has the same needs as you.

Verify their identity by asking for more pictures and video call sessions before you are ready to meet in real life.

Discuss your content with your date clearly. Discuss the safewords and boundaries and assure that your partner will respect them no matter what.

Discuss any other necessary rituals and rules that are needed in your experience to get what you are looking for.

While many of the BDSM sites offer free to use features, many of the exclusive features of these sites can only be unlocked with paid versions. Here is a list of the top BDSM sites that you can find on the internet today. These BDSM dedicated dating sites are safe and trustworthy platforms that offer authentic BDSM experience to the users while keeping their privacy. Now people can explore their fetishes with like-minded dates without the fear of getting embarrassed or scammed.

Perversions is a well planned, user-friendly website that offers potential matches with similar interests. It is a similar normal dating site but is widely popular due to its high matchmaking rate. It also features private cams, chat rooms, blogs, and special currency to purchase virtual gifts for others. It is free to try out a platform that offers limited features in the free version. In order to access the complete version, you will need the silver or gold plan. The paid membership gives you special features like access to new content, contacts of members, appearing in searches before free accounts, and unlimited access to live video chats.

Bondage is a BDSM exclusive dating site that is now available on smartphones. Bondage was founded in 2004 to provide a platform for the kinks of people. The app works on a GPS-based algorithm to locate the nearest people in your area who are using the same app. You can also log in to Bondage using your Facebook account for free, but in order to unlock sending gifts to others and get high priority in search results will require you to make a transaction. You can create a well-described profile for yourself, explaining your interests and preferences. Apart from your fetishes, you can also use the platform to find a potential date with similar interests.

FetLife is another widely popular BDSM dating site that helps you find hot dates in your local region that share the same fetishes as you. You can connect with an entire community to share your ideas related to a socially seemed weird kink. You will find people who support you in having your own preferences. Fetlife is mostly a free site, but the member profiles may have more content than the one available for free users. With the help of paid membership, you will be able to find videos and other content posted by your matches.

The name pretty easily described what will be served on the plate to you on this website. It is a sub-platform of the FriendFinder Network that is built especially for people who share a common kink of domination and submission. BDSM is a highly optimized platform to find real users who like the idea of wearing leather suits and get involved in some high-level bondage. The free version for the site only offers a limited version to the users, while the paid version offers deeper access to user profiles in the app. The silver and gold members can access hidden information of users, private photos, hidden videos, and downloadable content. BDSM also offers a free magazine and live webcam shows for entertainment.

BondagePal is a more artistic and innovative platform for BDSM enthusiasts. With their motto “Ropes but no strings,” Bondagepal makes it pretty clear that the site is meant completely for hardcore hookups. The site promises 100% real user profiles with 100% free to use features. You can become a member with easy registration and unlock every feature for free. You can also check out the website’s blog to learn new techniques and get new ideas to try out. The aim of creating Bondagepal was to find submissive men for dominant women.

Mistakes to Avoid While Hooking Up with a Stranger


If you have found yourself a date who also believes in “no strings attached” just the same as you, your life has just become easier. However, you also need to make sure of your safety while you are getting involved with a person you barely know. Dating apps provide an easy medium to find singles who are willing to hook up without expecting any commitments. While there are enough excitement and enthusiasm to get going with this date, there is also a chance of making mistakes. In order to protect your identity and safety, here are some mistakes to avoid when dating or hooking up with a stranger.

Rushing things

If you are trying to get straight to the point, chances are you might miss a lot of important things to know about the person. It is suggested that you take time to learn about the person, their likes, dislikes, and especially their thoughts about sex. You do not want to regret your decisions later because you discover something about your date that you could have discovered before. While doing so, also make sure that you tell your date about your likes, limits, safeword, etc.

Not interacting

Not interacting much with your partner on meeting them can make the situation awkward for both of you really quick. When you both know the purpose of meeting up is hookup, that is not the thing that you should focus on from the beginning. Instead, you can spend some beginning time interacting with each other and getting comfortable.

Forgetting to inform someone

Before you go out to meet your date, it is important that someone else also knows about it except you both. For your safety, especially when you are a woman, you should give a heads up to a friend or someone close who can make quick decisions if your whereabouts the blurry. You can also send them the contact details of your date and share your location so that they can check with your partner if your phone is not reachable or can track you for emergencies.

Forgetting protection

While it is an elementary education to always carry protection in situations like these, people forget to do so. It goes without saying that you need to always keep one or more protection with you, irrespective of whether you are a man or woman. Also, do not hesitate to ask your partner to disclose any STDs they are suffering from so you can protect yourself. Sometimes, things may not go as planned, and you may get caught up in the moment. In case you forget to bring your protection, do not forget to talk to your doctor the next day.